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November 24, 2022
Updated on:
May 16, 2024

Zoomo’s Summer Safety Checklist

As the temperature turns up this summer, so can your earnings as the conditions for e-bikedelivery riding become near perfect. Clear skies, good visibility and summer breezes, make bike delivery riding in summer the perfect gig to make money on your schedule.

However, with the change in conditions, it is essential you maintain safe riding protocol - hence, Zoomo has created a Summer Safety Checklist to help you maximise both your earnings and experience while delivering by electric bike.

#1 Plan for the Weather

Let’s start with the basics. 

Before jumping on your bike, ensure you match your equipment to the conditions of the day. On warmer days, try to select clothing that allows for good airflow between the fabric and your skin. Alternatively, if it is raining, which it unfortunately could be (thanks La Nina), ensure you wear waterproof pants and a waterproof jacket to protect yourself from wet conditions.

#2 Stay Hydrated

Delivery riding, even on an e-bike, is still exercise even though it may not feel like it thanks to Zoomo.

If you ride for multiple hours at a time, ensure you stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water regularly to reduce the risk of heat stress, maintain normal body function, and maintain performance levels.

#3 Sunglasses & Sunscreen 

When it comes to Aussie summers, they aren’t just hot, they are also high in UV rays. It is highly recommended you wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the glare and also to avoid any bugs, dirt or rain from getting in your eyes. It is also important to ensure any skin exposed to the sun is covered with 50+ SPF sunscreen to avoid getting burnt.

#4 Bicycle Helmets

Although not a summer specific requirement, all bicycle riders must by law wear an approved Australia and New Zealand standard (AS/NZS2063) helmet. This helmet should fit comfortably and securely on your head and not impair your vision in any way.

Although you may want to wear a hat in summer, please remember that you CANNOT wear one under your helmet!

#5 Protective Clothing and Footwear 

It is important that you remain visible at all times on the road so make sure you wear high visibility clothing - think fluorescent and reflective. 

Shoes are also important. Make sure they are protective and enclosed with good water resistance and traction to avoiding slipping and sliding while riding and mounting your bike.

#6 Delivery Bags

When you ride, use a backpack style hot-bag to ensure that the weight is evenly distributed and balanced while riding. If the order is too large, DO NOT attempt to make the delivery. Our delivery partners, like DoorDash or UberEats, provide high quality thermal bags perfect for this as they not only help you carry your orders, but keep them well insulated as well.

#7 Phone Usage

When you need to use your phone to complete deliveries, you should always be fully stopped and out of the way of traffic.

If you are using your phone for navigation purposes, ensure that it is securely placed in a phone mount and fixed to the handle bars.

Finished the checklist? Then it’s time to start riding!

Need some new wheels? Check out our exclusive partnership discounts with Zoomo. Whether you’re interested in renting, a Ride-to-Own plan or an outright purchase, Zoomo has you covered.

They also have a range of accessories in-store should you need to invest in anything from pannier bags to phone mounts and Thousand helmets. Find our e-bikes in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane today!

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