Zoomo Sport Accelerates the E-bike Revolution
April 12, 2021

The new Zoomo Sport combines next-gen technology with affordability, available today at a price point lower than 70% of standard retail e-bikes (from $2,999)

SYDNEY - April 2021 - Australian born e-bike innovator Zoomo, today announced the launch of its newest model, the Zoomo Sport to accelerate the e-Bike revolution in Australia and abroad.

The Zoomo Sport is the latest iteration of Zoomo’s advanced e-bike offering, built with next-gen smart integrations to offer riders a smoother journey with safety at the forefront. Better yet, the Zoomo Sport doesn’t break the bank, available for subscription from just $39 per week and for purchase from $2,999, a price lower than 70% of e-bikes on the Australian market. In the past three months alone, Zoomo has grown their consumer business by over 30%, as Australians seek out alternative modes of transport to get around town.

The Tech

“We have been thrilled with the response to our initial product offerings, and the Sport builds on our natural competitive strengths of safety, comfort and performance – while changing the game again with smart integrations”, says Zoomo co-founder and CEO Mina Nada.

The Sport introduces next-generation smart technology to create a bike for 2021 that enhances bike security and enables future innovation via digital experiences. Coupled with Zoomo’s advanced recovery and maintenance plans, the Sport is built for those looking to hit the road in style with peace of mind.

“We designed the Sport with the Internet of Things (IoT) front of mind. IoT enabled features include GPS tracking and bike recovery, with anti-theft alerts, remote locking and Find My e-bike integration features in development, making the Sport the smartest e-bike to hit Australian shelves”. 

The Mobility Movement

“The take-up of e-bikes in Australia has been extraordinary, both for commercial and personal use. The Zoomo Sport is designed for anyone to embrace the wonders of micro-mobility. To those looking for an alternative and energy conscious mode of transport to work, or anyone who is just enthusiastic about adding some pedalling to their daily commute, the Zoomo Sport is the best-in-class e-bike alternative for you," says Nada.
“We continue to push to make e-bikes accessible to all Australians, so the Sport will be available outright as well as on our flexible weekly subscriptions. Our flexible financing remains available to reduce entry costs, making this innovative e-bike immediately accessible to all Australians”.

The Mission

The launch of the Sport underscores Zoomo’s mission to supply the smartest and most reliable electric bikes on the market, at a time when policy makers are turning to micro-mobility solutions to relieve traffic congestion and lower carbon emissions.

As it stands, Australia's transport sector produces 100 million tonnes of carbon emissions each year, which accounts for 19% of Australia's entire emissions rate. Consumers recognise the need for cleaner alternatives, and the rise of e-bikes seeks to reduce this impact, spurred by a predicted 50 percent growth in sales this year alone.

Rapid design improvements, such as those in the Sport mean that LEVs will increasingly outpace cars and vans for commuting, as well as to deliver meals, post, parcels and groceries, even over several kilometres.

Zoomo sits at the forefront of this innovation and hopes the Sport will be the catalyst for riders everywhere to make the shift to electric bikes.

The Highlights 

  • Integrated smart security technology making the Sport virtually unstealable, including integrated motor lock, RFID key activation, and GPS tracking 
  • Dual hydraulic brakes giving you unparalleled stopping power, no matter the weather or the terrain
  • Integrated rear rack providing you with industry leading carrying capacity of up to 40kg - double the industry standard
  • High quality components enabling the easiest ride on the road, including aluminium front suspension, puncture resistant tyres, 9-speed gears and integrated lights
  • High performance battery so you can go further, reaching distances of up to 80km on a single charge
  • Affordable and accessible giving you the option that works best for you - available outright, on finance, or subscription
  • Recovery and maintenance plans enabled by Zoomo’s servicing network in major cities and a 24/7 customer support team 

Available Now

If you want to accelerate the electric revolution, register your interest in the Sport today: ridezoomo.com/au/sport 

About Zoomo

Ex-Mobike and Deliveroo executive Mina Nada founded Zoomo (formerly Bolt) in 2017, alongside his former Bain colleague Michael Johnson. Zoomo currently operates across Australia, the UK and the US.

Zoomo believes the e-bike tipping point is occurring now. “The bike world is ready for disruption and in five years, e-bikes will be the predominant form of transportation. Zoomo is taking the lead in this transformation,” Nada said.

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