Maximise your earnings riding for Deliveroo

January 12, 2021
Updated on:
September 10, 2023

We share our tips and tricks to help you earn more money when riding for Deliveroo.

1. Earn 30% more on an electric bike

The extra power of an electric bike means you’re able to get around faster and can complete more jobs thereby you get more tips & delivery fees!  Another perk of an e-bike is getting up hills easier so you won’t feel as exhausted by the end of a session.

2. Use the heatmap to find busier areas

When you open the Deliveroo app, you’ll be shown a map of busy and quiet areas. If your area is quiet, simply ride over to a busier area to start picking up orders.

3. Stick to dense, popular areas

Another thing to consider is how densely populated that area is. You want to work in suburbs that have lots of restaurants, cafes and houses or apartments close together so your commute between the restaurant and where you need to deliver is shorter. It also helps if you stay in the same area so you get to know all the shortcuts and ways around without consulting your map. This will further reduce your idle time. 

4. Work the busiest times

Make sure you’re online and ready to receive orders during your area’s busy time. For most places, that will be between 7-9pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. But check the Deliveroo app at other times, such as breakfast time on the weekends to see if there is another high demand time.

5. Take advantage of your freebies!

While not a tip to help you maximise your earnings, it’s nice to get rewarded every now and again. Deliveroo offers their riders freebies such as hot coffee and so on. Find your perks here

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