Introducing the
Zoomo One

The ultimate delivery
machine is coming in 2022
Motor power
top speed
Battery power
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The Zoomo One was made with a single purpose - to be the ultimate e-bike for delivery. 

With world-first moped-level performance, unmatched reliability, advanced safety and near unlimited options for customisation, the Zoomo One is the result of a no compromise design ethos on our quest to create the ultimate delivery machine.
Built to be definitively best-in-class for delivery.
We’ve put the Z1 through its paces so you can have confidence in your daily ride. Designed to exceed the ISO 4210 standard for mountain bikes, the Z1 sets a new benchmark for durability and reliability - making cobblestone, potholes and curbs a problem of the past.

Using only high performance components and materials, including reinforced dropouts and superior thread-locking fasteners, the Z1 has been thoroughly engineered to withstand heavy-duty delivery shifts in the toughest conditions.

Moped-level performance makes everything feel
a whole lot closer.

Unprecedented power.

Moped equivalent performance.
E-bike form factor, practicality
and running costs
Blazing fast top speed
Battery power

Never say die.

A range of interchangeable
battery options keep the
Z1 on the road longer

Next-level customisation & integrations designed for
simplified fleet management.

Modular fairings for custom branding and logos for enhanced brand visibility
Easily configurable to suit the requirements of different delivery use-cases, such as food or grocery delivery
Integrated GPS & real-time vehicle tracking for simplified fleet management
Real-time IoT data for preventive maintenance and on-demand rider training

Safety first.

Advanced safety, for added peace of mind.
The Z1 has advanced lighting all round, with integrated front, rear and side lights. Boost visibility with turn-signal indicating and an active brake light, made possible through our dynamic light module
Front and rear e-moped grade hydraulic disc brakes that you can count on to give you unparalleled stopping power in any situation


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