Introducing the
Zoomo One

The ultimate delivery
machine is coming in 2022
Motor power
top speed
Battery power
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Made to be
more than just a bike.
The Zoomo One was made with a single purpose - to be the ultimate e-bike for delivery. 

With world-first moped-level performance, unmatched reliability, advanced safety and near unlimited options for customisation, the Zoomo One is the result of a no compromise design ethos on our quest to create the ultimate delivery machine.

From Zero to One.

Enhancements and improvements made for our flagship model.

We’ve added front and rear suspension to the Z1, along with improved rear geometry to allow for longer trips in greater comfort. The mountain-bike shock and fork ensures heavy-duty reliability across difficult terrain, fortifying the structural integrity of the frame.
Active lighting.

The new dynamic lighting module allows riders to telegraph their intentions clearer, without having to take their hands off the handlebars, significantly boosting safety and visibility. All lighting is integrated into the frame, protecting it from damage.

We’ve enhanced the frame, increasing the cross sectional area of tubing to create a more durable design that is 50% stronger than the Zoomo Zero’s. We’ve also added a belt drive system to the drivetrain, which outlasts a conventional chain system by 300%.
Built to be definitively best-in-class for delivery.
We’ve put the Z1 through its paces so you can have confidence in your daily ride. Designed to exceed the ISO 4210 standard for mountain bikes, the Z1 sets a new benchmark for durability and reliability - making cobblestone, potholes and curbs a problem of the past.

With an in-body battery, lighting and wiring as well as a reinforced structure utilising high-strength materials and fasteners, the Z1 has been thoroughly engineered to withstand heavy-duty delivery shifts in the toughest conditions.

Safety first.

Advanced safety, for added peace of mind.
The Z1 has advanced lighting all round, with integrated front, rear and side lights. Boost visibility with turn-signal indicating and an active brake light, made possible through our dynamic light module.
Front and rear e-moped grade hydraulic disc brakes that you can count on to give you unparalleled stopping power in any situation, and a longer life.

Moped-level performance makes everything feel
a whole lot closer.

Unprecedented power.

Moped equivalent performance.
E-bike form factor, practicality
and running costs
Blazing fast top speed
Battery power

Never say die.

A range of interchangeable
battery options keep the
Z1 on the road longer

Next-level customisation.

Make yourself known.
Modular fairings for custom branding and logos for enhanced brand visibility
Easily configurable to suit the requirements of different delivery use-cases, such as food or grocery delivery

The end of the road for the moped?

Compared to a 45km/h e-moped, the Z1 has:
Equivalent performance with its 45km/h top speed and up to 1kW of power.
A 55% lighter overall weight and 13% shorter wheelbase, making it more manoeuvrable, responsive, easier to carry and space efficient.
IoT integration for tracking, security, recovery and over-the-air updates.
No legal prerequisites required to ride, including licence, insurance and registration - making rider onboarding simple and seamless.

The IoT enabled Z1 is
safer, smarter and more secure.

Maintenance Prompt
Ensures bikes are serviced before a rider breaks down on the job
Traction Control
Prevents wheel slippage on wet days
Battery Safety Alert
Never worry about a malfunctioning battery
Crash Detection
Alert your emergency contact automatically in case of an incident
Live Fleet Tracking
Know where your bikes are and their status
GPS Location Tracking
Receive a message with the latest GPS location
Lock and unlock your bike with RFID, passcode or Rider App
Remote Lock & Alarm
Remotely immobilise your bike, play a loud alarm and flash the lights if stolen
Ensure your bike is always compliant with current local regulations

Clever integrations for simplified fleet management.

Connect your Z1 to an optimised digital ecosystem, designed specifically for Zoomo e-bikes.

Rider App

Provides a wide range of critical information to the rider, such as battery percentage, remaining range and GPS location.
Enables remote anti-theft motor locking and alarm activation.
Allows rider to report their bike as stolen.
Also available as a web app for streamlined use across multiple devices.

Fleet Management

A user-friendly tool with simplified processes to help you action fleet tasks quicker.
Automate monotonous day-to-day tasks, removing chances of human error.
Facilitate faster reporting and verification - leading to a greater accuracy of fleet data.
Includes a web portal and mobile app for anywhere, anytime access.

Tech specs

Aluminium 6061-T6
Fully integrated, active lighting with side indicators
EU: 1000W, US: 750W, 45Nm direct drive, rear hub motor
52V, 17Ah frame-integrated, Tier 1 cell, removable battery
1000W, field-oriented control
Up to 28mph (45km/h) Class 3
Puncture-resistant, wide-profile tyres
24” cast alloy wheels
E-moped grade, hydraulic disc brakes. Front and rear
Front coil spring. Rear coil shock. Rear 4 bar linkage system
Belt drive system
Integrated IoT unit
Rack capacity
Up to 88lbs (40kg) rear rack
Full-colour LCD display with USB
1180mm wheelbase, 69° head angle, 488mm seat tube.
77lbs (35kg) + 11.7lbs battery (5.3kg)
Assist modes
5 level PAS with throttle
4A or 10A options
Charge time
5h or 2.6h


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