Meet Zoomo

Who we are

Zoomo launched in 2017, led by Mina Nada (previously Deliveroo and Mobike Exec) and Michael Johnson (previously Bain & Co).  It was created after the pair saw the need for a better food delivery vehicle. After initially buying 10 bikes, they tested and refined the product into what you see today.

As the gig-economy has grown, Zoomo has evolved, refining the product and offering. The end result is a bike that is reliable, affordable and accessible by all.

What we do

Zoomo is here to make food delivery better. To transition millions of kilometres from cars, vans and bikes to zero-emission bikes. UberEats, Deliveroo, Doordash or another, the goal is the same: offer the best bike at the lowest price.

Our Vision

The vision at Zoomo has never changed. Provide cutting-edge bikes, to anyone, anywhere, on a week-to-week payment plan.  We believe that our product shouldn't be out of reach for anyone, giving every one of our customers the chance to earn more. Our commitment is to continue offering the best bike for the least amount of money.

From humble beginnings, Zoomo now operates in 10 locations across 3 countries.

Three continents and growing...

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