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September 7, 2020

Our global referral program is one of the easy ways you can earn more with Zoomo.

How it works

If you love Zoomo, spread the word and we will reward you with cash credit for every referral you bring in. And there’s no limit to how many people you refer. 

Step 1: Enrol and receive your referral link & code
As a Zoomo customer, you are immediately enrolled in our customer referral program. You will receive your personalised referral link & code in your receipt email. 
Step 2: Share your code with your friends
Share your link or code with the people you’d like to refer and ask them to sign up using your link. When they make a booking to pick up their e-bike, paste the referral code into the referral ID field. If they use your link, the code will be pre-filled automatically.
Step 3: Earn your discount
In Australia, for every friend you refer, you will receive a $50 service credit right away when your friend signs up and picks up a bike, which will be applied to your next invoice. Your friend will also get a $50 service credit towards their next invoice.

See referral credits in your region (speak to our local staff for more details):

Referral program


Where do I find my referral code?

Check your last receipt from us - it’s at the bottom of the email or simply log into your Zoomo App account

If you’re still having trouble, ask our staff in the workshop or contact us at hello@ridezoomo.com 

Can I refer more than once? 

Of course you can. There’s no limit to the number of people you refer to Zoomo. Bear in mind that the person you refer to Zoomo must be a new customer.

Terms & Conditions

  • This offer can be used in conjunction with other promotions except for initial first week free promotions, subject to local staff's discretion.
  • Normal terms of service with rental or rent-to-own plans still apply.

What are you waiting for? Log into your Zoomo App account and start referring!


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