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February 2, 2022
Updated on:
July 1, 2022

Humans of Zoomo: Meet David Lahoud

At Zoomo, our people are the secret sauce to our success. Zoomers are a bunch of passionate, motivated and purpose-driven individuals all working towards the same mission of transitioning every urban delivery mile in light electric vehicles. 

Our #HumansofZoomo blog series aims to shine a light on Zoomers around the business, and the different skills and roles that make Zoomo what it is today. 

In today’s #HumansofZoomo blog we catch up with David Lahoud, Industrial Designer and Hardware Engineer. David shares a typical day in his life at Zoomo, the fun hobbies he gets up to outside of work and his proudest Zoomo project to date.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

G’day everyone. My name’s David - but most people call me Dave. I’m an Industrial Designer and Hardware Engineer. I design and engineer modular accessories or custom solutions for our fleets, and most recently the new Zoomo Z1 e-bike. I also take great pleasure in hosting our online social events.

Outside of work I tend to a barrage of personal projects, such as building furniture for my house, as well as competing in woodchopping tournaments, growing my own produce and using it to cook with my wife.

What does a day in a life look like for you at Zoomo?

A typical day at Zoomo changes with every project! That's what keeps working with the team so fresh and engaging. Usually I'm sketching out potential solutions and concepts, then consulting with my colleagues for feedback, before transforming it into 3D and a physical prototype. As a designer, seeing your work move from just an idea to a physical product that benefits people is a super rewarding process. 

What project are you most proud of at Zoomo?

Without a doubt it’s the design of the Zoomo One (or Z1 for short). 

Months ago I sat down for breakfast with my colleague Joe and we sketched out the first concepts of what would become Zoomo’s next bike. We wanted to take all the learnings from our time at Zoomo and create a design truly fit for purpose. Working with the experts in the Hardware team, we were able to do this and capture a future-forward aesthetic.  I'm really excited to get it out on the roads. 

Zoomo One

What are your top tips for someone arriving for their first day at Zoomo?

Make it your business to get to know everyone in your team and adjacent to your work. You’ll be amazed how often you work with a new person you’ve not yet collaborated with. Zoomo moves so quickly that I guarantee there’s going to be someone around the next virtual corner who was just waiting for you to fill the role. 

Rapid fire round - give us the first answer that comes to mind when we ask these questions:

  • Guilty pleasure TV show? Scrubs.
  • Favourite toy as a child? A stuffed Winnie the Pooh stuffed bear.
  • What's a hobby of yours that you don't tell people about? I share a lot of my hobbies with people but one that isn’t well known is my Bonsai collection.
  • Name a colleague at Zoomo you're in awe of. Bryce Gossling. I love his energy and super organization. I’ve learnt a thing or two from him.
  • What do you like about e-bikes? I love the convergence of so many pivotal technologies and innovations into a timeless vehicle. Something about an incredibly powerful electric motor paired with human muscle-power speaks volumes about humans' embracing and depending on responsible and sustainable  technology.

We currently have a bunch of open roles across all markets. If you are interested in becoming a Human of Zoomo yourself, and are also keen to help us accelerate cities to carbon neutral, head to our Careers at Zoomo page.

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